Global G University offers courses, e-books, live demos and other resources  for aspiring travel bosses and influencers. 

who is global g university for?

Global G University is for all female travel bosses who are seeking a networking and growth opportunities for their travel brand. 

ready to start?

Signing up for Global G University is easy! Simply choose a course and begin!


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Lesson 1 - Travel Industry Basics

•career overview/job description

•earning potential

•types of travel planning


Lesson 2 - A Day in the Life

•getting clients

•creating packages

•putting together quotes

•customer service


Lesson 3 - Group Travel Basics

•Domestic Bookings

•International Bookings

•Managing payments

•Supplier Recommendations


Lesson 4 - Planning Cruises

•Cruise basics 

•Creating bookings

•Changes in cruise policies


Lesson 5 - Building Your Travel Business

•Next steps after training

•Agent tools

•Getting your professional email address

•Payment processors

•Website basics


Lesson 6 - Protecting Your Travel Business

•Client contracts

•Insurance policies

•Continuing education opportunities


Lesson 7 - Booking Demonstration / Screen Share

•Researching destinations

•Putting together client quotes

•Popular suppliers based on destinations


Lesson 8 - Mastering Marketing

•Social Media Marketing

•Content Marketing

•Email Marketing


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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask:

How does "open enrollment" work?

The training is set up as a self-paced course that you can access on your own time at your convenience. Once you've registered and completed payment, you'll have instant access to the Global G University curriculum. In other words, there is no set 'start date.'  


How long is the training?

This training was designed to be 6-weeks, however it is now self-paced. This means that you will have 24/7 access to the course at your convenience. 


Is the training online?

Our training is self-paced. After the start date, you'll be able to access to trainings 24/7 at your convenience.


What are the requirements for training?

There is no travel agent experience required. Our only request is that only active and experienced travelers are apply.

What happens after training?

After training, you can decide whether you'd like to work under Global Girlfriends travel agency or a different host agency of your choice. We also have a special travel agent booking site available upon successful course completion.


Do I have to pay in full?

No! We have a split payment option available. For payment plan options please text us at 757-762-5377 or email

chaunai@globalgirlfriendstravel.com. *Please note: There is a $50 fee for using a payment plan.

What if I don't understand something during the course?

You have access to fellow students and active travel agents inside of our private training room to answer your questions as well as a monthly Q&A with Chaunai.