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Indulge in a tropical escape to the Eastern Caribbean island of Barbados, where powdery white beaches and clear turquoise seas await. This beautiful island is the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway in the warm sunshine.


While Barbados is encircled by many gorgeous beaches, it’s also known for much more. From fantastic snorkeling and delicious cuisine to world-class rum and rich culture, there’s something that appeals to every type of traveler while spending time on this gem of an island.


Lounge on the idyllic island shores, taste the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean and enjoy a thrilling aquatic adventure while spending time in Barbados. Here are some of the aspects of Barbados that make this such an exciting Caribbean destination.

What's Included:

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Single  Occupancy

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Double Occupancy

  • Round Trip Airport Transfer

  • Enjoy a private transfer from the airport or hotel to your accommodations. When you travel with us, we want to make sure you arrive in style.

  • 5 night, 6 days experience @ O2 Beach Club (Adults Only)

  • Luxury 5-Star Accommodations (Single & Double Accommodations)

  • Your accommodations are close to the action! 

  • Guided Island Tour 

  • Private Luxury Welcome Dinner 

  • Bond with your newly-found travel fam for the first time during our private dinner. Feast on a specially curated menu to get the experience started right! Dine in a tropical paradise while local Bajan drummers perform. This show will provide you with a feel for what the Barbados culture is like!

  • Premium All-Inclusive Breakfast Fete

  • Set the tone for your day with a delicious, healthy, and nutritious breakfast. The resort's daily breakfast will power you up, keep you going and give you the right energy boost to take on the day ahead.

  • Rum Tour with Sugar Cane Extraction Demo

  • Enjoy a rum tasting experience at a local distillery and discover the qualities of the finest rums, from our flagship Oak Aged Rum to our barrel aged rums. You’ll learn about the production process, the different types of sugarcane used, as well as tasting some of our premium rums.

  • Jouvert/Foreday Event

  • Premium All-Inclusive VIP Fete

  • Premium VIP Bag

  • Every experience receives a travel box in the mail with goodies from us. This box is going to get you super excited to be heading to Barbados with us. This particular box will have everything you need to survive Barbados cropover!

  • Professional Photographer

  • Capture the essence of Barbados cropover by having a private photoshoot with our experience photographer. ​

  • Dedicated Private Group Chat 

  • Get to know your future travel fam prior to your trip with a private group chat with all the attendees participating in the experience. Make plans, coordinate outings, and more in the chat.​

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Day 1:
Arrive & Explore

Airport Arrival:

Upon landing at Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI), travelers will be greeted and assisted through the immigration process, ensuring a smooth arrival. After clearing immigration, travelers will receive assistance with luggage collection and expedited customs procedures.

At the meet and greet station, travelers will be welcomed with refreshments and cooling towels scented with Eucalyptus, providing a refreshing start to their Barbados journey. Drivers will then transport the group from the airport to their accommodations, offering a convenient and hassle-free transfer.

Check-In at O2 Beach Club:

The afternoon is left free for travelers to explore various local attractions and experiences at their own pace, catering to diverse interests.

Evening: Official Meet and Greet Dinner:

We gather for an official meet and greet dinner, as we have our first introduction to Bajan cuisine.

This arrival and welcome dinner truly exemplifies the inclusive and luxurious experience offered by Global Girlfriends Travel, ensuring that travelers feel pampered and ready to embark on their memorable Crop Over adventure in Barbados.

Dinner Included


Day 2:
Beach Party

Morning: Premium All-Inclusive Breakfast Fete

Start the day early, as we dress in fashionable sunny attire, setting the tone for an unforgettable breakfast experience. This premium all-inclusive breakfast fete, flexes its exclusivity and range of offerings offering local delicacies and the continuous flow of rum, catering to the diverse taste of Experiencers.

For those who prefer an elegant touch, basked in the Barbadian rays while sipping on champagne or better yet a Mimosa or two. This is your opportunity to indulge in culinary delights and enjoy a classy morning in Barbados.

Late Morning to Afternoon: Free Time

After the breakfast fete, we will return to our accommodations and enjoy a relaxing afternoon at your own pace.

Evening: Beach Party

In the evening, prepare for a proper beach party, where the blazing soca tunes will set the mood for an unforgettable night. Complete with lively music, dancing, and the sound of the ocean in the background.

This day offers a combination of luxury, culinary indulgence, free time, and an exhilarating beach party, allowing Experiencers to savor the best of Barbados’ vibrant culture and festive spirit during Crop Over Season. It’s a chance to enjoy a lavish breakfast and then dance the night away to soca tunes on the beautiful Barbadian beach.

Foreday Morning Jam: Nighttime Street Party

Foreday Morning Jam as an exhilarating nighttime street party that follows the Pic-O-De-Crop calypso competition and lasts until sunrise. We will join the parade of revellers, embrace the paint and powder, and dance to sweet soca tunes through the streets of Barbados.

Morning: Rest and Recovery

After the Foreday Morning Jam, we have breakfast and return to our accommodations to get some much-needed rest. As rest is essential for pacing oneself during Crop Over festivities. The keep to enjoying Crop Over is to stay hydrated and rest up to recharge for the next round of festivities.

Afternoon: Free Time

Crop Over is all about pacing, and you as an Experiencers have the flexibility to choose how to spend your afternoon. Whether you decide to continue to fete and party, especially for those who want to embrace the bacchanalist spirit, relax at a nearby beach with a good book or simply enjoying the sun and sea, the choice is yours.

Late Afternoon/Evening: The Flyest Fete

As the day progresses, get ready for the highlight of the day, the “flyest fete” of the Crop Over season. A fantastic afternoon and evening of partying, delicious food, and vibrant music.

This day offers a perfect blend of tradition, relaxation, and high-energy festivities, allowing Experiencers to fully experience the vibrant culture and spirit of Crop Over in Barbados. It also provides the freedom for individuals to tailor their day according to their preferences, making it a memorable and enjoyable part of the trip.

Crop Over 2023.jpg.webp

Day 3:
Foreday Party

Morning: Scrumptious Bajan Breakfast

Begin the day with another delightful Bajan breakfast, inviting your fellow GGT Experiencers to join for a communal and delicious meal. Showcasing the culinary treasures of Barbados, featuring local specialties and dishes that have become favorites of previous guests visiting Barbados. Savor every bite and maybe even exchange recipe ideas to recreate these dishes at home.

Early Morning: Boarding the Luxury Catamaran

After breakfast, we prepare for an unforgettable experience by escorting the group to Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital. Introduce you to the sleek and exclusive 62-foot Luxury catamaran, highlighting its plush interiors, spacious decks, and air-conditioned comfort. The elegance and comfort of this experience, is clearly an indication that we’ve spared no expense.

As the catamaran sets sail, take in the stunning views of the Barbadian coastline, lounge on the deck, and enjoy the luxuries on board. Prior to lunch enjoy the opportunities of swimming, snorkeling, or exploring the crystal-clear waters. Or better yet, unwind, socialize, and make the most of this luxurious cruise.

Mid-day: Free Time

After the catamaran cruise, feel free to enjoy the remainder of the evening as you wish prior to our evening fete. We are sure many will desire to relax and rest, while others might explore or simply savor the memories from the day.

Late Evening: Final Fete/Party

As we head off to the final fete or party, setting the mood for the upcoming Grand Kadooment celebration. This is where the excitement intensify taking in the music, dance, and celebrate one last time before the big event.

This day offers a luxurious and memorable experience, from the culinary delights of breakfast to the elegance of the catamaran cruise and the excitement of the final fete. It sets the stage for a fantastic climax to the Crop Over adventure in Barbados.


Day 4:
Yacht Party


Day 5:
Island Tour

Morning: Island Tour

Begin the day with a hearty breakfast to prepare for a day of adventure. Embark on a private island tour that will highlight what makes Barbados a top travel destination. Sharing interesting facts about the island’s history, culture, and natural beauty. Head to the northernmost point of the island, St. Lucy, to take in breathtaking views. Make a memorable stop at Rihanna’s childhood home, allowing participants to connect with the island on a personal level. As we commute through Bridgetown, provide insights into the capital’s significance and history.

Midday: Zipline Adventure

After the island tour, we will embark on an adrenaline-pumping experience with a zipline course. As it has been our mission to diversify the activities to provide a well-rounded Barbadian adventure.

Afternoon: Rum Tasting

We will continue the day by indulging in a rum tasting experience, highlighting Barbados as the birthplace of rum. As each Experiencer learn about the history of rum production on the island. As everyone indulge in the variety of local rums, savoring the unique flavors and aromas.

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