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Affiliated Partner Program 

 Travel Agent Verification

All Travel Agents interested in soliciting their packages and services with Global Girlfriends Travel must be a GGT APPROVED AGENT. In order to be an approved agent, you are required to complete this application with accurate information on the establishment of your travel agency. 

**********REGISTRATION: FREE************


As an approved travel agent within the Global Girlfriends Travel LLC, you will be given the opportunity to share your trips and packages with over 5K women and their friends. In order to ensure the safety of our members, however, we have introduced a brief screening process for all agents interested in sharing their packages with TBW members and friends.

***Note approval is not guaranteed. See below.


    • In order to be verified as a GGT Approved Agent, you must have an active free-standing business that has been filed with the Secretary of State Department in your home state. Host agencies, such as InteleTravel, will not be accepted without the establishment of your own business.  

    • Your online business presence will be examined through a review of your social media accounts and websites.

    • Please allow up to 5-10 business days for your information to be reviewed and approved.

    • Falsified or negligent completion of this form will result in denial. Once approved you will be notified via e-mail. 

    • You may also upload your filing documents to this application.​

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