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5 ways to make sure that girls trip leaves the group chat

Ok look someone had to address this.... why not me your fav travel bestie. Here are my 5 ways to ensure that girls trip leaves the group chat

Tip #1: Know your people

It is highly important that you know each person you are inviting on your trip and their personalities. Some people you need to stay on top of more than others. Identify those people and act accordingly. Keep it real with yourself and others, not everyone can come with you on a trip out the state or country. Every friend is not a travel friend #periodt, some friends are local only and its okay. Be mindful of some friends who should not comingle with others. Know the vibes you are setting for your trip and pick friends accordingly.

Things to keep in mind when choosing travel friends: does this person have...

  • Financial hardship (no judgement)

  • Disagreements within the friend circle (you know who)

  • A problem going along to get along (but I wanna do this..)

If yes, respectfully do not invite. This is your red flag.

Side note: Yes, you are planning a group trip, but everyone may not want to do the same things. Be flexible with suggestions on excursions and other activities.

Tip 2# Set Reminders:

When planning a girl's trip, organization is key. Get into the habit of adding things to your calendar and setting alarms to remind yourself of your priorities. We cannot be expected to think of the girls trip every waking moment so set priority task to make sure things are done on time and avoid confusion.

FREE Apps we like to use:

Google Calendar

I-Phone Notes - (share itineraries and deadlines straight to everyone's phone)

Tip #3 Enforce and Re-enforce:

Deadlines are set for a reason. Give yourself a cushion when setting final payment dates. There is always someone who's life is life'n and needs grace. You probably knew exactly who that person was in Tip #1 and you still invited... We understand you wanted a large group but that comes with challenges.

Pro Tip:

  • If you're planning a trip for December and its January that's a whole year to plan, your payments should be more digestible for your group over a monthly or weekly bases. Smaller payments over time tend to make large groups less likely to fall out due to payment commitments.

  • If you're planning a trip 6 months or less, consider taking a large upfront payment and smaller incremental payments ending 1 month or two months prior to trip. That way your group doesn't feel like the tip is out of their budget even if it is...

When the deadline is due, its due and you must pay on time. Don't miss out on a trip due to poor payment management.

Side Note: Plan to go anyway if all else fails. There should be no reason to not go on a trip because a few or all of your friends decided not to go.

Tip 4: Increase Excitement

We all have experienced high energy when we initiate a trip. Everyone is excited to go as if you are leaving tomorrow. But, if that trip is not until months from now, the energy can go stale, or people simply forget. Don't over excite and don't under excite. Try to tap in every other month with something trip related besides financial commitment texts. Introduce a fun activity you can only do at that destination and see if others are interested. The thought of a trip coming up after a long day at the 9-5 could save someone from quitting. LOL

Going back to Tip#1 you know your group better than anyone, appeal to your audience, remember the vibe you want for your trip and act accordingly.

Things to add to the group chat:

  • Tik Tok Videos (destination related)

  • Cute outfits from designer sites (think of adding a themed day, or matching color)

  • Mood boosting pictures from Instagram (insert when someone is stressed)

  • Stark a Pinterest mood board.

Tip 5: Recharge & Reset

Planning a trip can be stressful especially if you are the only one planning. If something is not going as planned, take a moment to rest and reset before you react. You may be overthinking the situation. Be mindful that life happens, always always, always, get travel insurance for the group or advise your guests to get their own.

Don't be afraid to ASK FOR HELP when needed!! If your guests can't help you, seek professional help.

I will always advocate for trip planners to take a break from being the host because you have to be in charge of so much that your vacation now seems like WORK when it simply should not. Consider having someone else plan your trip with your vision in mind. Your guests are already enjoying the trip you planned and now you are too.

Global Girlfriends Travel LLC is a 100% reliable and trusted travel industry leader who can assist with planning your girlfriend's getaway seamlessly. From airport shuttles, to excursions, to hotel arrangements, we are a service provider for all things travel. We got you girl!

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