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Travel Edition

Step your selfie game up with this portable selfie stick that pops out into a tripod. This is a gamechanger for solo travelers and group trips.

Now this is dope for all my work and travel friends. Keep your outfit in tack as you travel with this duffle bag that folds out info a garment bag. Place your valuables in there as well because this bag is spacious.

Do you cringe at the thought of sleeping in hotel beds? Try these disposal bed sheets that lay on top of the bed for a more restful night sleep. 

Ever been on a log haul flight and wished you had ability to listen to the airplane movies using your own headphones? Well you're in luck, this bluetooth adaptor allows you to sync your headphones.

This PIVO is on my Christmas list too, so if you get one get two lol. 

Pivo has changed the game when it comes to videography. Now you can take videos that pick up your motion so no need to move the camera around. Grab this before its gone. 

This blanket folds into a pillow and is the ultimate travel companion. 

What's better than one charger. TWO! Get these chargers and never have to worry about charging your phone. Great for airplanes, excursions, etc.

Never worry about that annoying IPhone data full message. Transfer your pictures to this 1TB flash disk to easily upload to Facebook and Instagram.

STOP paying extra for luggage with this perfect weekender bag. This bag is special because it fold out like luggage but is considered a carry on. Carry clothes and accessories all in one. 

Full size bottles can't go through TSA, so convert them into travel size instantly with a few pumps. Now you can carry multiple scents and not feel obligated to choose one.

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